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About The Club

Welcome to the Stripers Forever 2018 Release A Breeder Club or “RBC”. This program is designed by Stripers Forever to promote the release of large “breeding size” stripers which are mostly female fish. Current striped bass management practices have targeted large striped bass. The result has been a considerable decrease in the number of these large, old fish found in the population. Nature never intended it that way. Striped bass are the top predator in their inshore range, and historically it was not uncommon for individuals to live more than 20 years and spawn each year. This long spawning life is needed because conditions are often not suitable for the production of good year classes. The older fish produce many eggs, and when conditions are favorable to produce young stripers a robust spawning stock biomass insures that the waters will be well seeded with eggs. If conditions aren’t good the long lives of these fish and low natural mortality insure that there will be good spawning potential the next season. Unfortunately for the striped bass we have knocked this system seriously out of balance.

There are two membership categories. The first is for anglers who release a breeder while fishing with or without a guide/captain and displays the anglers name, image of the fish and location/length/date of the breeder released. The second category is for Guides/Charter boat captains who pledge to promote the release of breeders to their clients and displays a image, Captain’s name, location and a link to their website. JOINING THE CLUB IS FREE for both anglers and Guides/Charter boat captains. The rewards are a chance to win great prizes from our sponsors, a individualized membership package, recognition on the RBC membership pages of our website and the knowledge that you are doing your part to turn around the decline in striped bass.

Membership Requirements

  3. The fish MUST BE RELEASED ALIVE AND IN GOOD HEALTH and either LEFT IN THE WATER or HELD OUT ONLY VERY BRIEFLY FOR A PICTURE. These large fish must be handled carefully due to their increased body weight and potential for carrying eggs.


Each submitted application and image will be carefully reviewed. We reserve the right to deny membership if it appears the fish was either not released or handled poorly. The image submitted will be published on the angler members page along with the member’s name, location of catch, length of fish and date of release. By submitting your application you are agreeing to these terms.


           sponsored by:

Cheeky_C_LightGreenWingo Belts LogoFor the 2018 season we are proud to announce our continued partnership with Cheeky Fishing and Wingo Belts. As a sponsor of the 2018 RBC Cheeky Fishing and Wingo Belts have donated an amazing prize package, not just for a select few winners,  but for every angler who becomes a member.

prize donor:

Johnson Controls, Performance Infrastructure

Here is how it works:


Three angler members will be randomly drawn to win either a Cheeky Limitless 425, Boost 400 or Tyro 375:

Three angler members will be randomly drawn to win their choice of Cheeky CYDRO Spinning Reel:

Three angler members will be randomly drawn to win a set of Wingo Everyday and Wading belts (each winner will receive one of each):

Two angler members will be randomly drawn to win an Optima Blue Top Battery and Optima Digital 1200 Charger combo.

EVERY angler member will receive a $15 Cheeky Bucks gift certificate, some Cheeky stickers and swag, an RBC decal and a personalized signed and dated certificate to commemorate your release of a breeder Striped Bass:

There is no cost for anyone to participate in the program, however individuals will receive only one decal and one certificate per year at no charge. Guides can make unlimited applications for their clients using the angler application below, but every angler will receive only one free decal and certificate a year. For any angler to receive additional decals and certificates a $10 certificate purchase is required for each fish submitted on our shop page.


Below are links to our application forms where you will also be able to upload your image.

ANGLER APPLICATION (Angler application is used for all fish applications whether made by angler or guide)

GUIDE APPLICATION (This application is just for guides to register for the program. Guides should register in advance of submitting a angler application)

Guides are not eligible to win any prizes. If you are submitting an angler application it should only be for a client, not yourself.

Please send all questions to:

The RBC logo has been kindly donated by Alan James Robinson.

The RBC artwork has been kindly donated by Dean McKeever.


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Welcome to the official web site for Stripers Forever, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to making the striped bass a gamefish. By eliminating commercial exploitation of the #1 recreational saltwater fishery on the east coast, over 3,000,000 recreational anglers will enjoy the social and financial benefits that will come from an improved striped bass population.


Stripers Forever advocates for the conservation and responsible stewardship of wild striped bass along the Atlantic Coast.

Stripers Forever, a non-profit, internet-based conservation organization, seeks game fish status for wild striped bass on the Atlantic Coast in order to significantly reduce striper mortality, to provide optimum and sustainable public fishing opportunities for anglers from Maine to North Carolina, and to secure the greatest socio-economic value possible from the fishery.

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