2019 Angler Members


The following anglers have helped to conserve breeder size striped bass, and have released the fish listed under their names. If you’d like to participate in this program too just fill out this application. You’ll need either a picture of the fish or the name of a witness. If you are fishing with a guide he will also be recognized for conserving striped bass.

2019 Angler Members:

Picture Angler Name Location of Catch Length of Fish (approximate) Date of Release
Image UploadMatthew MorrisCape Cod, MA38"09/06/2019
Image UploadMarc BouvierYork Maine39"08/18/2019
Image UploadJosh WoodPortland, ME38"08/15/2019
Image UploadJames ChappelNewport, RI51"08/12/2019
Image UploadKasey PerkinsPortland, ME37"08/10/2019
Image UploadJeff MartinPortland, ME38"08/10/2019
Image UploadHenry PerkinsPortland, ME42"08/10/2019
Image UploadFranklin RousePortland, ME38"08/09/2019
Image UploadBrandon BrittonPortland, ME39"08/07/2019
Image UploadPaul BrittonPortland, ME37"08/07/2019
Image UploadRobert HathawayBuzzards bay39"08/04/2019
Image UploadMark DonderoCape Cod Canal47"08/01/2019
Image UploadMarc HoleyWinthrop , Ma42"07/24/2019
Image UploadMarc HoleyWinthrop , Ma42"07/24/2019
Image UploadPatrick RudmanCasco Bay37"07/21/2019
Image UploadChristian LaquisPortland, ME38"07/21/2019
Image UploadNicole StevensPortland, ME36"07/21/2019
Image UploadRobert HathawayBuzzards bay36"07/21/2019
Image UploadRichard EverettPortland, ME42"07/19/2019
Image UploadBirch AdamsPortland, ME44"07/15/2019
Image UploadJustin CooperRhode Island52"07/13/2019
Image UploadShaw DwightPortland, ME40"07/10/2019
Image UploadMark DonderoCape Cod Canal44"07/08/2019
Image UploadNicholas ForcierCape Cod40"06/06/2019
Image UploadJoe HoleyMassachusetts49"06/01/2019
Image UploadLee ArcoHudson River, NY40"05/09/2019
Image UploadVinny MakfinskyRaritan Bay39"04/30/2019
Image UploadRaymond CohenRaritan Bay45"04/09/2019
Image UploadRaymond CohenRaritan Bay37"03/29/2019
Picture Angler Name Location of Catch Length of Fish (approximate) Date of Release


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