2016 Angler Members


The following anglers have helped to conserve breeder size striped bass, and have released the fish listed under their names. If you’d like to participate in this program too just fill out this application. You’ll need either a picture of the fish or the name of a witness. If you are fishing with a guide he will also be recognized for conserving striped bass.

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2016 Angler Members:

Picture Angler Name Location of Catch Length of Fish (approximate) Date of Release
Upload Image of FishTom HoudeNewport, RI36"09/02/2016
Upload Image of FishChas GillMarthas Vineyard36"09/14/2016
Upload Image of FishRobbie NealPortland, Maine36"06/17/2016
Upload Image of FishLarry MorellPortland, Maine36"07/27/2016
Upload Image of FishLars TottonArthur Kill36"04/20/2016
Upload Image of FishJohn KaufmannCape Cod37"09/27/2016
Upload Image of FishAdam PageLake Nockmixon, PA37"11/01/2016
Upload Image of FishJosh PotockiPortland, Maine37"08/31/2016
Upload Image of FishScott WorthPeconic Bay37"05/21/2016
Upload Image of FishJim HutchinsonGroton, Connecticut37.5"09/26/2016
Upload Image of FishAndrew DoberCape Cod, MA38"06/19/2005
Upload Image of FishMichael O'ConnellHudson River- Kingston, NY38"05/15/2016
Upload Image of FishAnthony RanieriDebs Inlet, Long Island38"10/29/2016
Upload Image of FishPaul MorraNew Jersey38"04/15/2016
Upload Image of FishJames ChappelMassachusetts38"05/28/2016
Upload Image of FishDan HowardMoriches bay38"10/12/2016
Upload Image of FishMark TwissHull's Island, Pawcatuck River38.5"06/20/2016
Upload Image of FishJeff AustinHudson River Tributary39 3/4"04/13/2016
Upload Image of FishEd MitchnerBoston Harbor/Quincy Bay39"08/26/2016
Upload Image of FishRamsey WilcoxPortland, Maine39"07/12/2016
Upload Image of FishGreg StrzynskiPortland, Maine39"07/27/2016
Upload Image of FishGreg O'DriscollMontauk ny39"10/06/2016
Upload Image of FishRon DomuratMartha's Vineyard39"06/29/2016
Upload Image of FishTerry C TesseinBearses Rip, MA39"07/09/2016
Upload Image of FishDean LippincottIsland Beach, NJ40"11/17/2016
Upload Image of FishSam LudwigPortland, Maine40"08/27/2016
Upload Image of FishJoe BrennanBarnegat, NJ40"11/05/2016
Upload Image of FishTaylor YeagerBoston Harbor, MA40"08/23/2016
Upload Image of FishJoel RiceWestport MA40"09/25/2016
Upload Image of FishDouglas SwiftCape Cod Canal40"09/06/2016
Upload Image of FishJohn RowleyMartha's Vineyard40"07/15/2016
Upload Image of FishAdam RimmerChatham, MA40"08/06/2016
Upload Image of FishTom OBrienBoston Harbor41"09/17/2016
Upload Image of FishRamsay VehslageCape Elizabeth, ME41"07/12/2016
Upload Image of FishRichard MarchisottoSouth Shore Long Island41"10/20/2016
Upload Image of FishChristopher SecorJamestown, RI41"06/27/2016
Upload Image of FishMichael HarmonSouthold, NY42"05/07/2016
Upload Image of FishDouglas E KrebsYork Beach Me42"06/16/2016
Upload Image of FishTabitha YeagerBoston Harbor, MA42"08/20/2016
Upload Image of FishJames O'DonohueRockaway Reef42"11/15/2016
Upload Image of FishMichael ClarkCape Cod Canal42"09/09/2016
Upload Image of FishMark KonarskiOld Saybrook, CT42"06/26/2016
Upload Image of FishMatthew ZimmermannSalem, MA42"07/28/2016
Upload Image of FishMike ParisiRaritan Bay, NJ42"04/07/2016
Upload Image of FishSteven PickeringLong Island Sound42"06/02/2015
Upload Image of FishJustin CooperLong Island Sound42"11/09/2016
Upload Image of FishShaughn KellyOcean County NJ42"11/12/2016
Upload Image of FishIsmael Diazbay street staten island42"05/26/2016
Upload Image of FishElliot ThomasOld Lyme, CT42"07/23/2016
Upload Image of FishBill ConnollyLong Island Sound42.5"05/29/2016
Upload Image of FishMichael DoebleyMargate, NJ43"11/23/2016
Upload Image of FishCharles G Talbott IVCape Canal43"07/20/2016
Upload Image of FishRay SimpsonLong Island CSS43"10/18/2016
Upload Image of FishGerald AudetCape Cod43"10/09/2016
Upload Image of FishRaymond CohenRaritan Bay, NJ43"04/11/2016
Upload Image of FishRoy CoughlinBoston Harbor, MA44"09/17/2016
Upload Image of FishJesse RocheCT River, Old Lyme CT44"06/02/2016
Upload Image of FishChris BuchtaNJ44"11/09/2016
Upload Image of FishMike FortinConnecticut River44"06/02/2016
Upload Image of FishVinny MakfinskyRaritan Bay, NJ44.5"11/03/2016
Upload Image of FishAvi MandelBreezy Point45"10/26/2016
Upload Image of FishLiam RosatiCT45"07/31/2016
Upload Image of FishMatthew O'NeillRhode Island45"06/26/2016
Upload Image of FishDerek WilliamsLong Island Sound45.75"07/17/2016
Upload Image of FishRaymond CohenRaritan Bay, NJ46"04/14/2016
Upload Image of FishElliot ThomasOld Lyme, CT46"07/22/2016
Upload Image of FishShawn BarhamBranford ct46"10/25/2016
Upload Image of FishNoah B. HarperNew York Bay Waters46"04/28/2016
Upload Image of FishRyan BrownShrewsbury Rocks, New Jersey47"06/10/2016
Upload Image of FishMatt ZimmermannSwampscott, MA47"07/26/2016
Upload Image of FishSam JohnsonOld Saybrook, CT47"07/05/2016
Upload Image of FishElliot ThomasOld Lyme, CT47.5"05/28/2016
Upload Image of FishJesse KimCape Cod, MA48"07/01/2016
Upload Image of FishRyon MorettLong Island Sound48"04/30/2016
Upload Image of FishTyler PoulinBlock Island48"08/18/2016
Upload Image of FishJared ClairmontMadison, Ct48.5"10/05/2016
Upload Image of FishJoe Holey JrLynn, MA49"06/15/2016
Upload Image of FishElliot ThomasOld Lyme, CT49.5"07/27/2016
Upload Image of FishThomas LeehanBrigantine New Jersey50"06/06/2015
Upload Image of FishBrian RussellNorth Fork Long Island50"05/17/2016
Picture Angler Name Location of Catch Length of Fish (approximate) Date of Release


Stripers Forever
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Welcome to the official web site for Stripers Forever, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to making the striped bass a gamefish. By eliminating commercial exploitation of the #1 recreational saltwater fishery on the east coast, over 3,000,000 recreational anglers will enjoy the social and financial benefits that will come from an improved striped bass population.


Stripers Forever advocates for the conservation and responsible stewardship of wild striped bass along the Atlantic Coast.

Stripers Forever, a non-profit, internet-based conservation organization, seeks game fish status for wild striped bass on the Atlantic Coast in order to significantly reduce striper mortality, to provide optimum and sustainable public fishing opportunities for anglers from Maine to North Carolina, and to secure the greatest socio-economic value possible from the fishery.

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