2015 Angler Members


The following anglers have helped to conserve breeder size striped bass, and have released the fish listed under their names. If you’d like to participate in this program too just fill out this application. You’ll need either a picture of the fish or the name of a witness. If you are fishing with a guide he will also be recognized for conserving striped bass.

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2015 Angler Members:

Picture Angler Name Location of Catch Length of Fish (approximate) Date of Release
Upload Image of FishPatrick MartinGreat Egg River45"12/13/2015
Upload Image of FishMatt LepkoBarnegat Light, NJ36"11/27/2015
Upload Image of FishMike DarconteBarnegat Light, NJ39"11/27/2015
Upload Image of FishFred BogueIsland Beach State Park, NJ44"11/21/2015
Upload Image of FishWilliam H HallmanBarnegat Light, NJ38"11/15/2015
Upload Image of FishPaul RobinsonEdgewater, New Jersey36"11/10/2015
Upload Image of FishBob KeaneHudson river, N.J.42"11/09/2015
Upload Image of FishJohn DuranteJamaica Bay NY39"11/06/2015
Upload Image of FishRyan TarwoodRI46"10/24/2015
Upload Image of FishSamantha ConwayRockaway Beach44"10/18/2015
Upload Image of FishWilliam BeringerMarblehead, MA38"09/26/2015
Upload Image of FishCraig MillsPortland, ME38"09/03/2015
Upload Image of FishCarle HildrethPortland, ME42"09/01/2015
Upload Image of FishChris HowieHull, MA36"08/24/2015
Upload Image of FishEdward RemlingerBoston Harbor36.5"08/17/2015
Upload Image of FishWilliam BeringerNahant, MA40"08/07/2015
Upload Image of FishWilliam BeringerNahant, MA46"08/07/2015
Upload Image of FishEmma PalmerShinnecock inlet37"08/01/2015
Upload Image of FishZach PlantePortland, ME39"07/30/2015
Upload Image of FishMatt LibbyPortland, Maine36"07/25/2015
Upload Image of FishMidgie BrawleyCape Cod Bay, Massachusetts40"07/18/2015
Upload Image of FishJon RossPortland, Maine38"07/17/2015
Upload Image of FishBob DuncanPortland, Maine40"07/15/2015
Upload Image of FishJoe GuginoNorth Shore, MA45"07/13/2015
Upload Image of FishScott StevensWinslow, ME38"07/12/2015
Upload Image of FishJoseph SantucciNantucket, MA37.5"07/07/2015
Upload Image of FishWilliam BeringerMarblehead, MA38"07/07/2015
Upload Image of FishMike DeanNY Bight50"07/07/2015
Upload Image of FishEd EbertPortland, Maine37"07/07/2015
Upload Image of FishBob MartinezCape cod Bay40"07/05/2015
Upload Image of FishMark ShermanSandy hook, N.J50"07/03/2015
Upload Image of FishLisa KerrPortland, Maine38"07/02/2015
Upload Image of FishDarrell DockeryHerrign Cove, Race Point, Provincetown41"07/02/2015
Upload Image of FishSpencer StevensWinslow, ME40"06/28/2015
Upload Image of FishTonya AgentPortland, Maine39"06/26/2015
Upload Image of FishWilliam BeringerNahant, MA40"06/26/2015
Upload Image of FishSteve CultonBlock Island, RI36.5"06/22/2015
Upload Image of Fishmark seymourBarnstable39"06/16/2015
Upload Image of FishJustin WorlockRaritan bay nj40"06/14/2015
Upload Image of FishPhil BuzbyOutside Cape, Peaked Hill Bar area40"06/11/2015
Upload Image of FishWilliam BeringerMarblehead, MA38"06/09/2015
Upload Image of FishJohn BiancoDennis/Brewster, Massachusetts37"06/07/2015
Upload Image of FishLiam RosatiCT42'06/01/2015
Upload Image of FishMichael DiStefanoBrewster, MA38"05/31/2015
Upload Image of FishTony McGivernStamford, CT39.5"05/29/2015
Upload Image of FishChristopher KostarasQuincy Bay , Quincy, MA42"05/29/2015
Upload Image of FishCaptain Harry C Carter jrWestern Long Island sound47"05/29/2015
Upload Image of FishGordon FletcherCape cod Bay, MA40"05/27/2015
Upload Image of FishLiam RosatiCT48"05/26/2015
Upload Image of FishLee ArcoHudson river, ny.38"05/23/2015
Upload Image of FishNORMAN HYETTBOSTON HARBOR39.5"05/22/2015
Upload Image of FishJoe WrightJamaica Bay40"05/20/2015
Upload Image of FishDennis MorrisBrewster Massachusetts36"05/14/2015
Upload Image of FishRaymond CohenStaten Island40"04/27/2015
Upload Image of FishJames AngleyRaritan Bay38"04/26/2015
Upload Image of FishMike ParisiStaten Island38"04/22/2015
Picture Angler Name Location of Catch Length of Fish (approximate) Date of Release


Stripers Forever
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Welcome to the official web site for Stripers Forever, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to making the striped bass a gamefish. By eliminating commercial exploitation of the #1 recreational saltwater fishery on the east coast, over 3,000,000 recreational anglers will enjoy the social and financial benefits that will come from an improved striped bass population.


Stripers Forever advocates for the conservation and responsible stewardship of wild striped bass along the Atlantic Coast.

Stripers Forever, a non-profit, internet-based conservation organization, seeks game fish status for wild striped bass on the Atlantic Coast in order to significantly reduce striper mortality, to provide optimum and sustainable public fishing opportunities for anglers from Maine to North Carolina, and to secure the greatest socio-economic value possible from the fishery.

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