ASMFC 81st Annual Meeting (10/18/23) & Chesapeake Bay 2023 YOY Report


ASMFC 81st Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board


Tomorrow, Wednesday 10/18/23 from 2 – 5 PM EST, the ASMFC will hold its 81st annual meeting of the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board. The webinar link, meeting agenda and meeting material links are all below. On the agenda is considering the approval of draft Addendum II for public comment and the Albemarle-Roanoke Atlantic Striped Bass management update. With recent news of the second-worst spawn on record in Chesapeake Bay (more on that below) the board must act now to approve Addendum II for public comment. At the boards last meeting there were suggestions to remove conservation minded options while keeping and even adding protections for the commercial sector. Given the news of five consecutive years of poor recruitment we really hope the board responds accordingly. As many of you know, that is never a guarantee when it comes to the actions or inaction of the ASMFC.
Assuming draft Addendum II is approved for public comment, it will be the same story as usual, everyone will need to step up and make your voices heard. We will do our best to breakdown the large complex document and help guide you to make the biggest impact possible. As always, we will be in attendance and will report back with a summary of tomorrow’s meeting.

To register for the live webinar please go here: ASMFC 81st Annual Meeting- Striped Bass Management Board (GoToMeeting Webinar ID: 807-430-387)


Maryland Chesapeake Bay 2023 YOY (young-of-year) Survey Results


Unfortunately the Maryland DNR 2023 young-of-year survey has brought more bad news to the table. The juvenile Striped Bass index is dangerously low for a fifth consecutive year. The 2023 young-of-year index is 1.0, well below the long-term average of 11.1 and the second-worst spawn on record. It is very concerning that the Chesapeake commercial quota has seen no reduction. Between Menhaden and Striped Bass, the bay is being sucked dry of all life. The DNR is placing the blame on environmental factors, we don’t disagree with the possibility of that. But if that is true, we need to adjust management of the fishery to offset those factors as fixing those environmental issues is a much longer process. Let’s hope this news does some in good in the way of encouraging the ASMFC board to get a handle on commercial quota in the bay and also keep more conservation minded options in draft Addendum II.

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