ASMFC 2024 Winter Meeting (1/24/24) & Hudson River 2023 YOY Report


ASMFC 2024 Winter Meeting of the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board


Wednesday 1/24/24 from 1:15 – 4:45 PM EST, the ASMFC will hold its 2024 winter meeting of the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board. The webinar link, meeting agenda and meeting material links are all below. On the agenda is considering final approval of Draft Addendum II. With recent news of the second-worst spawn on record in Chesapeake Bay and a failed spawn in the Hudson River (more on that below) the board must act now and take final action on Addendum II. We fear it may be too little, too late. Failed spawning up and down the coast in 2023 and an extraordinary increase in harvest has pushed the stock closer and closer to its breaking point. All eyes are on the ASMFC to get the stock back on track to rebuilding. With a pending stock assessment due in the fall of 2024, seasonal closures may be back on the table, or perhaps even stronger action by the board. Our frustrations continue to grow, had the board acted sooner and with stronger action, perhaps we would not be in this position. As always, we will be in attendance and report back with a meeting summary as soon as possible. If you would like to attend, please click the link below.

To register for the live webinar please go here: ASMFC 2024 Winter Meeting- Striped Bass Management Board (GoToMeeting Webinar ID: 795-025-635)


Hudson River, NY 2023 YOY (young-of-year) Survey Results


The NYDEC Hudson River 2023 young-of-year survey results are in and we are sad to report another failed spawn. See the above graph and notice the big drop from 2022 to 2023. Many factors can affect spawning success, environmental conditions being one of them. Perhaps the warmer than usual winter with low snowpack is part of the problem. Maybe fishing shouldn’t be allowed when and where the fish are spawning, we have supported the introduction of seasonal closures since the beginning of the Amendment 7 process. Either way, this 2023 result only rubs salt in the wound, the Striped Bass stock is in big trouble.

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