ACTION ALERT- ASMFC Summer Meeting (8/2/22)


ASMFC Summer Meeting of the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board


On Tuesday 8/2/22 from 1:30 – 5 PM EST the ASMFC will hold its summer meeting of the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board (meeting agenda below). This has the potential to be a very important meeting as there will be an update on the forthcoming stock assessment, tentatively due to be released in October. Along with many others, we are not expecting great news to come from the stock assessment update. After several years of poor recruitment (also referred to as YOY- Young of Year or JAI- Juvenile Abundance Index) and increased effort (more anglers fishing for Striped Bass) things are headed in the wrong direction and it is very likely that more action will need to be taken in order to reach the goal of rebuilding by 2029.


The meeting materials (links at the bottom of this email) contain some very interesting and somewhat scary data points regarding poor recruitment, a downturn in SSB (spawning stock biomass) and abuses of conservation equivalency. As always we will be in attendance and will report back with a summary of the meeting and a closer look at some of these data points.


To register for the live webinar please go here: (Webinar ID: 822-004-851)

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