Box Of 32 Assorted Fy Lines (2017)

Winning Bid: $160.00

Item condition: New


These are as listed below.  The current price new is over $2,000.  Many of these lines are brand new and have never been on a reel.   Some of the lines are only slightly used.  All lines appear to be in excellent, new, or near new condition.

Most lines are for 8, 9, or 10-weight saltwater type fly rods, but there are a few other sizes.  These lines would fill the needs of most hard-fishing striper fly rodders for many years to come.  there are lines here for everything from deep-dredging bunker flies to surfcasting, surface bass bugging,  etc etc.  Most lines have had loops installed, and there are a few spare braided mono loops to make butt leaders.

There is a lot of joy in this package!

  1. Orvis Wonderline 11F
  2. LLBean 450 grn Superhead
  3. LLBean unknown but looks like 9 or 10-weight fast sink tip
  4. Cortland 444SL 425 grn Quick Descent
  5. Sci Anglers 11F
  6. Orvis 10 Clear Intermediate
  7. Rio Tarpon 10F
  8. Cortland 555 10 Clear Intermediate
  9. Rio 9I Striped Bass
  10. Rio Tarpon 10F
  11. Cortland 9 f/I Ghost Tip Lazer Line
  12. LLBean WF7 Full Sink Type IV
  13. Teeny 350 grn
  14. Orvis 10I brown
  15. Sci Anglers Mastery Striper 10 Slow Sink Clear
  16. Orvis 10F/S Clear Tip Tropic Fly Line
  17. Sci Anglers 8F
  18. AirFlo Polyfuse 9F
  19. Sci Anglers WF 8F
  20. LLBean 10 Neutral Density Blue
  21. Cortland 444 6I
  22. Sci Anglers Bonefish Mastery 9F
  23. Sci Anglers Mastery 10 1.7 ips Sink Tip
  24. Sci Anglers Mastery 10F
  25. Monic all-Weather Clear Floating 10F
  26. Sci Anglers WF10 Full Sink Type II
  27. Rio Quick Shooter 10I
  28. Unlabeled 4F
  29. Rio WF 6F w/S4 Sinktip
  30. Bean WF 9F
  31. Teeny 200
  32. Cortland Quick Descent 225grn
  33. Several braided mono perfect loops


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Stripers Forever advocates for the conservation and responsible stewardship of wild striped bass along the Atlantic Coast.

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